About Project

Client: Maui Interactive Arts Festival
Subject: Interactive Audio and Light Sculpture
Period: 2011 – 2012

The AION : EVA project is an interactive art-tech installation designed to allow people to explore archetypal meaning and transpersonal identification in both conceptual and tangible ways. Using custom archeo-astrological software (AION) in coordination with a light-sound sculpture that is based on fundamental cosmological geometry, AION : EVA is an engaging and stimulating participatory experience into the wonders of the cosmos and psyche.

A.I.O.N. = Archetypal Interface for Ontological Networking
E.V.A. = Equal Vector Ambiance

“Think outside the box–and FEEL inside the cuboctahedron!”

Our Task Was

AION : EVA was conceived, designed, architected, programmed, engineered, and produced by Michael Gaio (founder of Mythic Systems).   Construction of the vector-equilibrium hardware structure was conducted over several weeks at TechShop in San Francisco, CA.  The vector equilibrium (VE) sculpture was constructed of transparent acrylic tubing, and 12 transparent acrylic rhombic dodecahedron encasements which were laser cut.  The light and sound immersion system was made of electronic components including 12 super bright full-color RGB Smart LED BlinkM MaxM networkable and programmable modules, 12 piezoelectric speakers, an Arduino controller board, and several yards of electronic wire.  Archetypal sigils were laser etched and laser cut from multi-colored acrylic sheets.  The AION archetypal cosmology software was customized from pre-existing software already in development by Mythic Systems.



AION : EVA was funded in part by an art grant from Maui Source, and was on exhibition at the Source Interactive Arts Festival on Maui in Hawaii in 2012.

  • AION : EVA vector equilibrium 3D sculpture
  • AION : EVA electronic light and sound emersion system
  • AION : Archetypal Cosmology software customization

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