About Project

Client: Gene Keys Network
Subject: Gene Keys Network Community Web Portal
2015 – 2016

The Gene Keys Network project is a collaboration to create a collective portal and resource hub for the Gene Keys community.  Inspired by the original work of Richard Rudd of GeneKeys.com, the Gene Keys Network promotes the Gene Keys as a divinatory system for personal and collective psycho-spiritual guidance.  Highlights of the Gene Keys Network are the provisions of social membership profiles including a Hologenetic Profile, which can lead people through consecutive insights about their life purpose, relationships and prosperity, and the “Living Library”, an interactive archive of archetypal content associated to the Gene Keys.

Our Task Was

Mythic Systems provided leadership in technical direction, project management, WordPress community website development, divinatory / astrological systems integration, and conceptual and visual design for the archetypal interface of the “Living Library” resource section.  We coordinated with a diverse team of stake holders, content providers, graphic designers, and engineers, providing technical direction, establishing long-term foundations, and optimizing short-term production of an ambitious project meeting rapid milestones with success.



The Gene Keys Network web portal was introduced to the Gene Keys community thru a series of video webcasts in 2015 – 2016, and well received.

  • Gene Keys Network website
  • Hologenetic Profiling system
  • Living Library archive


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