About Project

Client: Thrive
Subject: 3D toroidal VE 12-around-1 sector navigation UI
Period: 2011

Recognizing our unique specializations in innovative interface design, fundamental 3-dimensional geometry, and archetypal information design, Thrive enrolled Mythic Systems to create a
key and unique navigation interface for their extraordinary and content-rich website.  We came to collectively refer to this novel interface as the “Sector Navigator and Resource Tree”, two sides of a single “interface coin”.  The Sector Navigator is an interactive,3-dimensional, multi-colored, Vector Equilibrium (and toroidal) UI that engages people to navigate the 12 major sections of the website.  The Vector Equilibrium geometry (also known as the VE, dymaxion, and cuboctahedron) is a “fundamental pattern” of cosmology, and key topic of the film.  The Resource Tree is an interactive 2-dimensional UI for drilling-down into specific content of each major sector, and is designed with an organic, “fern frond” aesthetic.  The Sector Navigator and the Resource tree operate as a single UI affordance on the Thrive website.

While Mythic Systems had previously experimented with Vector Equilibrium (VE) interactive interfaces previous to working with Thrive, this “Sector Navigator and Resource Tree” UI was the first interactive VE UI to be viewed by the greater public in a major media campaign.

Our Task Was

Mythic Systems coordinated with Thrive stakeholders and worked with team members to lead concept design, creative direction, graphic design, 3D modeling, information architecture, information design, interaction design, interface design, Flash programming, and website integration.



On November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), the much anticipated Thrive film and website premiered at locations worldwide with the Sector Navigator and Resource Tree UI as a novel, dynamic, and eye-catching element fully complimenting key communications of the website and the film.

  • first 3D Vector Equilibrium UI navigation interface to be published to the Internet


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