About Project

Client: Unify
Subject: Interactive 3D Network Globe
Role: GraphicInteraction, Interface Design and Programming
Period: 2012

Unify organizes global meditation and conscious activism events.  Beginning their first campaign in 2012, Mythic Systems was enrolled by Unify to create an interactive 3-dimensional globe to visualize the world-wide network of 1.5 million people in 800 cities during the December 21, 2012 (11:11 GMT) world collective moment of unification.

Unify’s ultimate objective of this event: to “Inspire the masses to unify on December 21, 2012 everyone, everywhere, together.  Use prophetic fiction and visionary art to inspire participation on the day and a vision of the world we could create together.  UNIFY a global revolution of good on the planet.”

Our Task Was

Mythic Systems worked with Unify team members to produce graphic design, interaction design, interface design, programming  (Flash / ActionScript), data and content integration, and website placement of the 3D collective network globe.



The 3D interactive globe, placed front and center on the home page of the Unify website, displayed live dynamic data of participating locations for weeks before and during the December 21, 2012 collection unification of 1.5 million people in 800 cities around the world.

  • Interactive 3D collective network globe


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