I’m a transcendental philosopher, transformative technologist, and transmedia artist. I help entrepreneurs realize health, wealth, and freedom through artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. I’m here to inform, involve, and inspire people in the living journey of challenge and opportunity during this extraordinary period in human history.

Lunar Glyphs

Lunar Glyphs are symbols representative of the lunar / moon archetype, the passive and receptive, reflection of light and shadow, fertility, the unconscious mind and psyche, connectivity, the universal feminine, and silver.

Solar Glyphs

Solar Glyphs are symbols representative of the solar / sun / star archetype, the creative force, source of light and energy, self-generation, the conscious mind and heart, centrification, the universal masculine, and gold.

Hero’s Return

The journey has been long … and now the new Mythic Systems website is officially launched! This is just the beginning of many new journeys to come. Thru the course of this year, I’ll be updating the website with new additions to the service and platform offerings. There are some big surprises just over the horizon!  So…